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Financial Planning

Health Care and Financial Stability for the Future

When considering a retirement community for yourself or a loved one, financing, quality, and location are likely some of your biggest concerns. The Manor, a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), was founded to alleviate those worries by providing a safe and reasonable living alternative for those who want to stay local during retirement, with the added security of a full continuum of health care. Our unique fee structure and competitive pricing allow seniors to remain close to family in the Pee Dee River area while receiving high-quality care in a first-class senior living community.

Assessing the Cost

Assessing the cost of living in a retirement community compared to living on one’s own can be a confusing process, but there’s a simple way to think about it. The total of all monthly bills — rent or mortgage, food, utilities, taxes, insurance, health care, entertainment, etc. — should be close to the monthly service fee you’ll pay to live in a retirement community, as these every day costs will be included in the monthly fee. The Manor staff will guide you through a financial application process to ensure that living at The Manor will work for you financially.

Monthly Service Fees

Our monthly service fees vary for our Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care accommodations. The fees cover housing, health care, services and amenities, dining, recreation, and activities.

Give us a call to discuss which option is right for you or a loved one and schedule a tour to see our community for yourself!

100% Refundable Occupancy Fee (Patio Homes Only)

As part of a CCRC, The Manor residents have the security of a continuum of care as their health needs change. Residents who begin in Independent Living patio homes pay a 100% refundable occupancy fee. Residents are not purchasing the home itself, but rather, the right to occupy the home. They pay up front the full value of the home, and we hold it in escrow while they remain in the home. Residents also pay a monthly service fee while in their patio home to cover services and amenities. If a resident chooses to leave The Manor, or in the event of death, 100% of the occupancy fee is returned to the resident or their estate when a new resident moves into the home.

Call to schedule a personal tour and see everything we have to offer for yourself!